Kindergarten in our community is increasingly academic and highly structured in comparison to the play-based environment many of us experienced as five year-olds.  If your five year-old has a spark and interest in learning, but would benefit from the gift of an additional year in a play-based setting, St. Aidan’s Junior Kindergarten might be exactly what your child needs.

Our unique Junior Kindergarten employs project-based learning to build skills in an engaging manner that is designed to spark that "love of learning" that we often see when a child turns five.  The Junior Kindergarten is play-based like our other programs but will build skills key to Kindergarten success in the areas of language arts, math, and science.  Children bring a bag lunch and stay until 1pm Monday - Friday.


Our curriculum includes a drama component to build self-confidence, Spanish to provide exposure to a second language, and drumming and rhythm to build body and sound awareness and key physical coordination.  Monthly cultural celebrations and local field trips support awareness of the world around them.  As the oldest class at St. Aidan's, students gain confidence and act as role models and "buddies" to the younger children.

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