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What does a typical day include?

  • Monday mornings include school-wide music.

  • Wednesdays @ 9:30 AM we all gather for a short chapel service.  Parents and siblings are welcome to join us.

  • Each week older students have library time.

  • All students have a Movement class on Thursday or Friday.

  • We play outside every day!

  • The school provides a healthy snack and lots of water to drink.


At St. Aidan's, we want to help all children live up to their full potential.


Children come to us at many different developmental levels.  We understand the natural progression of how children learn, and it doesn't happen the same for everyone.  But we believe all children deserve to feel safe and loved.  All children need to experience hands-on learning before they are ready to understand life in a digital world.  And every child needs to learn how to be a good friend to others in order to make the world a better place and develop compassion and empathy.

Our job is to provide a safe and loving environment for children to learn.  With our large outdoor setting, children experience the natural world every day.  We fill our time with music and movement, because children are active learners.  We have a full-time librarian because we want all children to develop a love of books.  And we offer the excitement and self-confidence that comes from trying new things. We provide hands-on sensory experiences every day that help children understand the world around them.  Kindergarten readiness also is important to us.  We include Handwriting Without Tears to help with alphabet knowledge, and draw inspiration from the Core Knowledge curriculum developed in Charlottesville, Virginia.


We are passionate about our work and hope that St. Aidan's students develop a love of learning that lasts a lifetime.